Dog of the Day: Victor

Photo Credit: LAWS

Victor is a friendly, social dog and is great with all people, including children.  He is outgoing and affectionate but also very willful and stubborn. Formal training and obedience is strongly recommended.

For more information on Victor, please contact the Lanark Animal Welfare Society here:

Victor is located in Smith Falls, Ontario.

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Dog of the Day: Mya & Maxx

Think there might be room in your heart and your home for these two special beauties?  If so, read on.

Maxx is a 4-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, was given up along with Mya his 6 year old companion, because their family had no time for them. They are a bonded pair and it would be in their best interests to be placed together. These two dogs are extremely sweet and well-behaved and deserve to spend their life with a family who will make the time for them.

Mya underwent surgery to be spayed and also to remove four bladder stones.  Consequently, she will be on a special diet for the rest of her life and will need occasional monitoring (urine specimens) to check for stones.

For more information on Maxx and Mya, please visit Animatch at:

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Dog of the Day: Apollo

Photo Credit:

This gorgeous creature is Apollo.  He is back at Animatch for the second time as his new adoptive family decided it wasn’t a good fit.

Apollo is an amazing dog who is sweet, friendly and gentle.  He gets along very well with other dogs and he is very obedient.  Apollo needs a home where he will get daily exercise.  Ideally, a guardian with experience would best suit this gentle giant.  If you are looking for a dog who knows the ins and outs of living as part of a family, then Apollo might just be the dog for you.

For more information on Apollo, or other animals looking for their forever homes, please visit

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