Just Me

Hi there. Well here I am, another blogger on the web attempting to do what so many have done before me.  I have no theme, no agenda and well, I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing here.  I anticipate that this blog will become a journal of sorts, where I can write down my thoughts and feelings, no matter how deep or silly they may be.  A place to record things that make me happy and those that make me sad. 

I have just turned 39 and I feel like I am a crossroads with my life.  I have a beautiful child, a wonderful husband and a decent job that, for the most part, keeps me challenged and makes me happy.  But things are changing. I’m feeling unsettled, dissatisfied with how some things are and want to get out there and take action. I want to improve myself so that I am a better person. 

I am hoping that by blogging here, it is a step in the right direction so that I may enter the next chapter of my life (the dreaded 40s) stronger and happier than ever.  And finally, I hope this blog connects me with others out there like me, so that I can learn and grow as a person and make awesome new friends in the process.

See you soon.