Located in: Ile Perrot, QC
Contact: Email
About this shelter: Animatch is a non-profit rescue who is a proud member of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. It is a registered charity run solely on volunteers and depends on donations from the public and fundraising events . Animatch is proud do offer a waiting list to prospective adopters to ensure the best match for both humans and dogs are made. They do a thorough assement of all prospective adopters and are proud to boast a 98% success rate with all adoptions!

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Rosie’s Animal Adoption
Located in: Kirkland, Quebec
Contact: 514-674-DOGS (3647)
Website: Rosie’s Animal Adoption
About this shelter: Rosie Animal Adoption is not a shelter and is not affiliated with any animal welfare or humane organization which makes our task even more difficult. They are a non-profit/charitable organization and we rely totally on the generosity and support of the public. Rosie Animal Adoption finds homes for dogs through their Foster Care and Adoption Care programs. Medical care, spaying and neutering and basic necessities such as food, shelter, kindness and compassion are provided by dedicated professionals and volunteers.

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La Pension du Jardin
Located in: Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Quebec
Contact: 450.883.3011 or
Website: La Pension du Jardin
About this shelter: La Pension du Jardin Secret offers regularly cats and dogs in adoption that no longer have families that fulfill their needs.


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