Let’s Try This Again

When I first started this blog I has so many great ideas. I had also hoped that over time I could work with the rest of the pet blogging community in making the world a much better place for our furry friends.

I still have the great ideas and so many hopes and dreams for this. This time I WILL see this through no matter how busy life gets. I WILL make time for my furry friends and all animals in need.

I promise.

Best Friends

Stumbled on this photo on the Calgary Humane Society  website. I could not resist the cuteness.

Photo courtesy of the Calgary Humane Society

The Family Dog

The Family Dog

The family dog was bought to guard
chained to a post in a chilly backyard;

Housed in a shed that was airless and dark,
and every few weeks had a run in the park.

When boredom set in with no fun and no work,
one day it broke loose and then went berserk,

Pa couldn’t fathom just why it went wild,
as it flattened his wife and then bit his child.

The police were called in to sort out the mess,
and the whole sorry tale was told in the press.

The Rescue Society was really annoyed, so the dog
was re-homed and the owners destroyed.

(Author Unknown)

Man vs. Canada Goose

I’m rooting for the goose.