Dog Of The Day: Jenny

Jenny, a puppy mill survivor, was rescued over a year ago and has made tremendous amounts of progress.  She is 12 years old and in spite of her age and being used as a breeding dog she is in good health.   As in most puppy mill rescues, Jenny was not house trained.  Over the past year her foster mom has worked extensively with her and tremendous progress has been made. She is excellent with small breed dogs but does panic when separated from her pack.  Because of her panic attacks and stress marks she will only be considered for placement in a home with a stable small breed dog.  While Jenny still has a ways to go, she is certainly on her way. In the right environment I’m sure this sweet pup will thrive and bring much joy to those lucky enough to have her.

For more information on Jenny please visit Jenny’s page here, or contact Hopeful Hearts directly. Click Here for contact information.

Dog of the Day: Victor

Photo Credit: LAWS

Victor is a friendly, social dog and is great with all people, including children.  He is outgoing and affectionate but also very willful and stubborn. Formal training and obedience is strongly recommended.

For more information on Victor, please contact the Lanark Animal Welfare Society here:

Victor is located in Smith Falls, Ontario.

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Dog of the Day: Ozzie

Ozzie is just over a year old. He was rescued from a reserve in Northern Quebec when he was about 5 months old. He has come a long way in the short time since his rescue and definitely deserves a forever home.

His shots are up to date, he is neutered and crate trained.  He is well behaved on and off leash and plays well with other dogs.  Despite this, it is recommended that he be placed in a home with no children or older children where his is the only dog.

For more information on Ozzie please visit the B.A.R.K. website here.

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