About Raquel

Hi, I’m Raquel

I am a 30-something living in Ottawa, Canada. I have a son, known as the Kidlet, and a husband who is known by a variety names.  I have a Shih-Tsu named Sammy SirBarksALot (Sam for short)  and 68 birds, one whose name is Sid. Yes, you read that right.  We’ve also recently adopted an adorable Shih-Tsu X who the Kidlet has named Rico. Poor pup.

I work as a public servant but what I really wish I was doing was staying at home with my amazing son and devoting the rest of my time to animal rescue and making the world a better place.

I love all things animal related, political and I love to read.  And I talk.  A Lot.

Welcome. I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit.  Feel free to drop me a line on twitter or by email. I welcome all comments and advice, good or bad.  But not mean.  I don’t like meanies.



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