Dog of the Day: Jenny

Meet Jenny.  Not much is known about this wee one. She arrived at the resuce from the United States but all signs point towards her being a puppy mill rescue.  Since we all know what those places are like (pure hell) you can imagine the sorry state she was in, both physically and mentally.

Jenny is a senior gal, who arrived in Ottawa with a double hernia and in desperate  need of oral care.  As a result, she has had all her teeth pulled (can you say soft food diet!) and has had a much needed surgery, from which she is now recovered.  Thanks to a healthy diet and Omega 3 supplements, her dry listless coat (a result of neglect) is coming along nicely.

Jenny can be quite timid around people but with ongoing love and guidence is progressing nicely.  She is great on a leash and is mostly housetrained (she will mark occasionally when stressed).

The rescue is looking to place Jenny in a home that already has a dog, to ensure Jenny continues to progress.  With the right people, this little treasure will learn that there are loving, beautiful people in the world and she doesn’t have to be scared anymore.

For more information on Jenny, or to view others in need of a loving home, please visit

Adopt a Pet. Save a life.


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