Top Ten Reasons to Visit Newfoundland

This is a tough time of year for me, an expat Newfoundlander living on the *mainland*.  There is just something about spring that brings back wonderful memories of home.

Every summer I go home to spend time with my grandparents, to see old friends, and to get away from the hustle of the city. There is nothing like having a bit of downtime on the Rock.

April’s edition of Downhome Magazine features the top 10 reasons to visit the island, which I have reproduced below.  If you are looking for a great place for a summer vacation, look no further.  Newfoundland and Labrador will give you the vacation of a lifetime, right here in your own backyard.


The TOP Ten

10.  Bald eagles are as common as Ontario Robins.
9.   Wilderness is anywhere 10 minutes from St. John’s.
8.   The roller-coaster roads make your ears pop.
7.   Southern Shore Dinner Theatre – enough said.
6.   You don’t have to visit a pub to hear Irish music; they play it while you shop.
5.   You get a bird’s-eye view at Cape St. Mary’s.
4.   Your boat tour comes with a cuppa tea at fisherman Bruce’s cottage in the outports.
3.   Exquisite B&B lodgings come with ocean views and partridgeberry and wild blueberry jam.
2.  Crayola colours of St. John’s 19th-century ‘jelly bean’ houses brighten up your spirits on a foggy day.
1.   Wonderful, warm, engaging people who call you “my angel, my darling, my dear little trout: and hug you goodbye like a friend when you leave.

As great as this list is, lets not forget Gros Morne, Coast of Bays, George Street, The Viking Trail, and the truly awesome people who will welcome you into their own home and treat you like a part of the family.

Adopt a pet. Save a life.


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