Chinese Fur Farms

Did you know that China supplies the material for over half of the fur items sold in the United States alone?  Did you also know that China has the worst animal rights laws in the world?

I’ve always known about the issues involving animals in China but it is very easy to separate yourself from that when you live a world away.  I’ve felt sadness and rage but ultimately would just bury my head in the sand because it hurt to much to think about.

I googled Chinese Fur Farms tonight and what I read appalled me.  There are videos to watch as well, but after reading what I did I wasn’t able to get the nerve to watch them. I don’t think I would recover.

From birth until the cruelest death you can imagine, these rabbits, raccons, minks, cats & dogs (yes, our beloved cats and dogs) live their lives in horror and cruelty.  Two words:  Skinned Alive.

I don’t know if it is possible to change this, but I do know that we must try.  With all the synthetic materials out there today, indoor heating, etc., why on earth are people still wearing fur?  I live in Canada, in the second coldest capital city in the WORLD and I’ve never had to wear fur in my life.

And if you wear it for fashion, how the hell is wearing a dead animal sexy and chic?

Please, please, please.. if you wear fur think about the original owner and what s/he had to go through in order for you to get that pretty coat (ugh).  And if you’re like me, and disgusted by the whole thing, how about spreading awareness of what is really happening? 

Think about this the next time  you cuddle your fur baby.



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